Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Another Free People project

Yesterday I did some sewing and got a new phone. Unfortunatly I thought I saved my other pictures so I could create a tutorial, as a draft so I could post the whole project but I didnt :( 

If you don't know by now I love FP but I can not afford it. So I stalk them and replicate what I can. 
With my own twist of course.

So I will walk you thru this.

So I purchased a nice silk scarf and Woolrich flannel at my favorite thrift store, Sav Mor. lil name drop...I think they were both under $2.00
Washed them.
Let them sit for a while before inspiration set in. As soon as the weather cooled off I was like ok its time.

So I cut the back of the flannel out leaving a one inch seam.
Pinned the scarf with pleats to match the length of the cut out flannel along the top.
Pinned right sides together starting with the top folded up past the collar turned so I could pins side. This is where the pictures would have been handy because if your not a sewer it doesnt make sense without an image. Your gonna tuck the arms in so its all right sides touching pinned. 
Then SEW I used a strait stitch. Partly because I wanted to keep the scarf original so in case one day I decide to up-cycle it again. 

Then tada. Wear it. 
My total cost probably about $5 
Savings of $122 :) 
More money to thrift PRICELESS. 

The scarf up close is quite pretty. Marked made in Italy Bullock's Whilshire
If your still with me I love my new Iphone5c. Bummed I lost a few pictures but thats the story of my life. 
Enjoy your sewing time.

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Trash or Treasure?

So I was driving home Sunday afternoon with my father in law. And saw a beautiful blue shelf on top of my neighbors trash. I promptly walked back and got it. It's perfect for my patio. I love reusing. I bought a pretty blue paint to paint the shelf blue last week. Just waiting for the weather to cool off :) 

Monday, September 16, 2013


School started. My son is a year older. Back in the routine of volunteering :) had company, twice. But today I received a call that my son stuck up for a kindergarten child. I am so proud of the lil person he has grown to be. 

E and L