Monday, October 21, 2013

Art in the classroom

I volunteered to teach art in the classroom every week (yikes) this week we made Japanese blow art fall trees. 

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Sugar Skull clay pot.

This week has been a super craft week! I was able to finish 2 projects I started last week, and help Eman finish his costume. 
I love the way my sugar skull terra cotta planter turned out, and Evans costume is just what he wanted. And I got in some free motion too!! :) 
I just love Halloween! 

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Halloween Decorations

One more post because I love it so much. Information on how I made them in previous posts. 

Halloween Garland

Last Monday I also purchased these doilies at the .99 cents store and I knew I wanted to make garland with them. Very easy project. I bought 4 packs so $4.00 plus tax and I already had black yarn scraps. So I put my IDT foot down and sewed away. Super quick super cheap end result very nice. 

Halloween Wreath

Almost all items purchased 2013 at the .99 cents store. 

I had the jumbo hoop from my old wreath. Spray painted it black. 
And the spider is from Micheals Craft store last year but I am sure they have one this year too. 

One spool of ribbon
Feather boa
Large bow

All bought last week. 

I taped the ribbon in loops in the inside of the hoop so it can be removed. Boa I got glued to the outside of hoop. Ribbon I used the metal twist tie from the packing to affix it to my hoop. Bats I got glued on. 
I laced the lace thru the hoop center. Then sewed the ends together.

Total cost $5.00 ish having owned the lace and wreath and spider.