Saturday, June 28, 2014

Where do I go?

I don't know, I just love the urge to talk about myself for awhile. I also lost my craft mojo. Where did it go go. Lol  I did get a dog. I made her this collar :) leather stamping stuff from Tandy :)

Sunday, January 12, 2014

Sweater into Arm Warmers Upcycle

Arm warmers from crochet granny square sweater up-cycle.

Guess what? Yet again I found some Free People insperation. With the winter upon us here I need more layers. 

So I found a too small for me sweater at the super amazing thrift store $1.91 for this project I just used the sleeves so I have a ton left. 
Step one. Wash and dry lol! 
Because then you can find week seams to fix. 
Step 2 
 Find a row to trim back for thumb hole. I clipped the whole bottom orange granny square row.
Set my machine to a tight zig zag. 

Seamed up the hole one way. Raise foot and go back to the same side you started from. So any stretch all goes the same way. 
Cut off sleeves below a foundation row. See the baby pink? Cut below that. 

Zig zag around that twice. Seam up and stretched out funky loose rows. 

Make sure all foundation rows that appear weak are zig zagged. 

Trim the loose strings away careful not to cut the zig zag! Wear and enjoy :)