Friday, August 5, 2016

Where did I go?

Well once again I see I haven't posted in well 7 months. Lol so much has happened. I didn't craft much honestly I was in a funk. But we did do some traveling. 
Joshua Tree

Tuesday, January 19, 2016

3 day weekend blues....

Well it's tough coming back to reality after another amazing 3 day weekend. I went to Del Mar for the gem show, which was much smaller then the Costa Mesa one I must ad. I still got some good stuff. Then yesterday my son and dog and myself went hiking. Perfect day for it here in OC over cast and cool. I managed to knit 2 rows while catching part of Ambombile Bride. 

Saturday, January 16, 2016

Lost my damn mind

So I ordered yarn because I didn't have enough for my doodler, I also ordered some for this gorgeous leg warmer pattern I saw on Ravelry, when the yarn got here I decided I truely did hate the Wedge 3 and decided it was the colors not jiving and frogged the entire wedge. So depressing. Other then that I started watching a show on MTV that has fairies and demons and is really good. Here's my pathetically depressing photos. It's gonna be better I keep telling myself. Off to knit my 2 rows and cry. Lol pre frogging lay out. I do love the yarn it's called cactus flower I just don't think it goes. 

Monday, January 11, 2016

January 11th

Well life got busy, phew glad for a breather but did some epic shit. Friday I went hiking with my son's entire grade. Super fun, Friday night I got 2 rows of my doodler done, woot woot, up to 516 stitches and onto wedge 3. Saturday we went to a beach cleanup, amazing how much bottle caps we picked up. We lost count at 100. Sunday we went to San Diego for an overnight to see Tool. It was amazing.... We just returned home and I'm gonna knit after this. I had to order some more yarn I did that on the way down to SD and already received a shipping notice.

Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Day 3 or 4 lol

Managed Yoga 😃😃 so that's good, did some beading finally got it strung how I wanted yeahhhh, now I'm gonna knit a row 452 stitches and finish watching Breathe which is hard because it's subtitled.

Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Day 2 2016 January 5th

Working on my create everyday goal is hard. Yesterday I did some beading was unhappy with it strung it again, still unhappy trying to figure it out before I cut it apart. Its just to heavy.
       I knit more on my doodler. I hope I love it again today I hate it once more. Knitting a big project is very love hate.
      Today I skipped yoga this am I need to do it soon, slippppppping lol. While knitting I realized I forgot Downton Abbey, about had a stroke from panicking set a recorder for it then found it online, phew. Sherlock is another story gotta wait.  I updated my Ravelry lol after 6 years of blank spaces. Found my next project. Hope my thick calves fit, only 6 projects and all beautiful twig skinny legs. Progress and sunset after between rains.

Sunday, January 3, 2016

New Year Who Dis

New Year, new me, I joke. Ive just decided to get back to blogging. Focus on me my creativity and projecgs. So today I started week 3 of my knitting project The Doodler by Stephen West purchased on Ravelry. I am way behind but mehhhh. So today I totally messed up had had to frog 300 stitches then pick them back up, what a headache. I miss read the way he wrote the instructions but I'm back on track and back in love. I also binged the podcast Serial and now moved on to Undisclosed.

Setting goals for 2016.

I wanna knit a sweater. 
Figure out how to sell more.
Do yoga, I would love to do a headstand.
Run more. 
Camp more. 
Make a new friend. 

Ok that's all for now, dipping the toes in.