Sunday, April 28, 2013

Expensive paper.

So I have made coffee filter paper flowers before and loved them. Time consuming because you have to make them then paint them. So I stumbled upon this castle in the air crape paper flower. Loved them. The paper is quite expensive. With s&h it was 36 for 9 pieces. Yikes. So when you pay that much for paper. You save every scrap. Ok well maybe not you, but I do...

Friday, April 26, 2013

Patio garden.

It's been a busy day. And it's a week late but for Earth Day Eman and I decided to plant a patio garden. Except for his seasonal allergies we managed to do pretty well. :)

Fixing a bad join.

Sometimes bad things happen to good knitting. And it wasn't noticeable until I finished. So I twisted the yarn and used my felting tool to fix it. About 15 pushes and the twist was permanent. Ta da!

Sunday, April 21, 2013

Art in the Classroom my BIG project.

So I was my art in the classroom project this past April 5th and I got overly ambitious and decided I would teach 24 2nd graders to sew. My continent was Australia so I decided to focus on Koalas. I pre-threaded all the needles 26, and gave them a tutorial on the basic running stitch. And away we went... Lol it was just a tad stressful, a lot of re-threading. But TOTALLY rewarding. The mother who signed up for April's door had not decorated it so I did ;)
Turned out excellent!!! I also received a touching Thank You from a girl who's mother informed me her daughter sewed all weekend!! Words can not explain how wonderful that is to hear.