Sunday, November 24, 2013


 I have been so busy, I have neglected my blogging, I did manage to fit in some sewing and have the time to post about it. :)
I love this Free People sweater. 
Yes I know I love all things Free People! Lol
So I decided to make it. Suprise suprise! 
Step one, 
Go to thrift store. Purchase a sweater and a sweatshirt combo you like. :) they need to be similar sizes most importantly in the arm area. 
Step 2 take a deep breath and cut I to them. 
I started by cutting off the arms. Then cutting from the center of the sweater because I quickly found the side seams were too bulky. 
The bottom will be the top and the long edge will be the bottom. 
Cut off neckline by folding shirt in half and trimming an inch past the original collar, nice swooping collar now. Cut of the bottom ribbing. Set aside. 
Line up arms of sweatshirt and sweater cut accordingly. Trim up the side seam and trim the top wide enough.
Pin. And pin. Bc the stretch sweater will stretch if you don't almost over pin. 
Problem! Ahhh pin with a lil stretch this is why I told you to make sure your combos have similar arms. 
Now sew!! I did it all at once but looking back probably easier to do body first then the arms. But I'm rouge! I sewed over every area 3x with the sweatshirt being the outer hem kinda raw seam. 
Make sure you give the bottom edge lots of attention. I did a close zigzag along the sweater side edge. Then give it a trim
Bc you will have some stragglers! :) 
End result FAB!!! And mine cost under $4.00! I decided to used the bottom ribbing to add a neckline. Just now as I look at the original. Keep the seam from splitting. :) I will post another photo. 
Love it!! 

Friday, November 22, 2013


So I couldn't resist when one of my "friends" posted this on Facebook! And I made a pair. Love love love my swants!

Fun and up cycling woot woot!! Now you go make some too!