Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Last night with some inspiration from Pinterest. I made Chicken Alfredo Lasagna. It was amazing!
Heres how I made mine:

One rotisserie chicken from deli
Heavy whipping cream the bigger size
I used roasted garlic out of a jar but you can use any
Lasagna noodles
White wine I used Yellow Tail Moscato
3 cheese Italian  parmesan cheese, Assiago & Romano Cheese
Precious Mozzarella cheese grated
and about 1/4 cup shredded Tillamook Monterey Jack
2 tbs Cream Cheese I actually used Garlic&Herb alouette but any will do
Sweet Basil (to taste)

Start by boiling noodles oven on 350
shred chicken I just pull chicken off in bite size pieces and set aside on plate and grate cheese

Make sauce:
mix whole heavy carton whipping
whole container 3 cheese
1/4 cup  wine pour a glass with the rest yummmmm
1tbs Sweet Basil
whisk over med heat until smooth then add cream cheese salt pepper to taste maybe a lil more wine too.

I cooled my noodles bc I hate handling hot lasagna noodles.

I put down some grape-seed oil maybe 1tsp in my 9x13pan Pyrex then I layered
chicken half here
chicken rest here
lil cheese then some sauce
most of cheese add Monterey Jack here
then topped with sauce
Bake for 35 mins or until top cheese is color golden brown you prefer. I like mine a lil crisp

cool, and serve :) top with more parmesan cheese if your like. I am kinda a rouge cook and I hardly actually ever measure I just eyeball it all. Hope this turns out as good for you as it did for me. I also served lightly steamed broccoli with mine it was perfect pair.

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