Saturday, October 13, 2012


So I took a creative hiatus to focus on the home search. It's been rough. Beig 32 I haven't suffered a heartbreak in a long long time. I feel like my brand new kitten was run over. The good bones place. Contacted our realtor and said they reconsidered our offer and were willing to accept. I was so happy, thought the looking was over, my son wasn't gonna have to change schools. My brother in law could stay with us sometimes bc it was a nice safe neighborhood to cruz in his wheelchair. So 3 days go by and they don't send over the paperwork. My realtor keeps contacting them they keep dragging their feet. Finally he hears from them that they accepted another offer. I was crushed. :( they gave us a verbal pending pretty much to get a higher offer out of someone else. Here's the real weird part. It still had not been liste as pending. I'm trying really hard not o cry today. The heartbreak is too much for me to handle. Eman is keeping me busy an hopefully this too shall pass.

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