Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Halloween Wreath

Almost all items purchased 2013 at the .99 cents store. 

I had the jumbo hoop from my old wreath. Spray painted it black. 
And the spider is from Micheals Craft store last year but I am sure they have one this year too. 

One spool of ribbon
Feather boa
Large bow

All bought last week. 

I taped the ribbon in loops in the inside of the hoop so it can be removed. Boa I got glued to the outside of hoop. Ribbon I used the metal twist tie from the packing to affix it to my hoop. Bats I got glued on. 
I laced the lace thru the hoop center. Then sewed the ends together.

Total cost $5.00 ish having owned the lace and wreath and spider. 

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