Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Day 2 2016 January 5th

Working on my create everyday goal is hard. Yesterday I did some beading was unhappy with it strung it again, still unhappy trying to figure it out before I cut it apart. Its just to heavy.
       I knit more on my doodler. I hope I love it again today I hate it once more. Knitting a big project is very love hate.
      Today I skipped yoga this am I need to do it soon, slippppppping lol. While knitting I realized I forgot Downton Abbey, about had a stroke from panicking set a recorder for it then found it online, phew. Sherlock is another story gotta wait.  I updated my Ravelry lol after 6 years of blank spaces. Found my next project. Hope my thick calves fit, only 6 projects and all beautiful twig skinny legs. Progress and sunset after between rains.

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